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Hysteroscopy Surgery in Hyderabad- Safer Surgery under Expert Surgeon

The hysteroscopy surgery in Hyderabad conducted by Dr T Rajeshwari Reddy is done to view the cervical canal and uterine cavity. The process uses a hysteroscope, a small telescope with a camera, and light at one end. It is passed through the cervix and vagina, which aids in identifying any uterine issues. The fertility specialist examines the photos delivered to the monitor to identify the issues.

Additionally, it is utilized to treat issues like eliminating intrauterine adhesions, misplaced intrauterine devices (IUDs), polyps,septal resections and  submucosalfibroids. Additionally, it aids the fertility specialist in determining the best location for an endometrial biopsy.

Is Hysteroscopy Surgery Required for Infertility?

There are many factors contributing to infertility. In many cases, it goes undiagnosed.  This procedure aids the physician in determining the cause of infertility

What types of Hysteroscope Procedures are conducted?

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

  • To determine the reason behind infertility.
  • To look into and examine the causes of miscarriages.
  • Look for any abnormal tumors or cancerous growths in the uterus.
  • To ascertain the reason behind heavy or erratic menstrual cycles.

Operative Hysteroscopy

  • For septal resections, adhesiolysis, misplace IUCD.
  • To get rid of the polyps, cysts, and cancerous uterine development.

Why undergo Hysteroscopy Surgery?

  • Less Invasive: since hysteroscopy is done through vagina, which is a natural orifice.
  • Shorter Recovery Time: Since hysteroscopy surgery is less intrusive and does not take as long, it requires a shorter hospital stay.
  • Less Pain Medication: patients do not need strong painkillers or strong antibiotics.

Hysteroscopy Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

When it comes to knowing the hysteroscopy surgery cost in Hyderabad, the best is to consult with the surgeon. However, it depends on the various factors and the procedure involved. Dr T Rajeshwari Reddy is one of  the best hysteroscopy doctor in Hyderabad you can reach.

Additionally, her fees are affordable, considering the outcomes, contentment, and peace of mind you receive as a patient. This is clear from the glowing recommendations we frequently receive from her patients.

Book a consultation with Dr. T Rajeshwari Reddy today and get quick response along with the various other answers regarding the treatment.