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Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

Complete Hormonal Imbalance Treatment in Hyderabad

Women during their teenage, in twenties, or menopause commonly undergo hormonal changes, which bring changes in their behaviour and overall activities. Understanding the symptoms and treatment methods is important. Hormonal imbalance majorly happens when there is an excess of certain hormones in the bloodstream. Due to hormones’ vital role in the body, even minor hormonal abnormalities can impact the entire body.

These are potent chemicals, which are made in the endocrine glands and flow throughout your bloodstream to instruct tissues and organs, are produced there. They support regulating numerous important bodily functions, such as reproduction and metabolism.

You either have too much or insufficient of a particular hormone when you have a hormonal imbalance. Even the smallest adjustments can have a significant impact on your entire body. In such a situation, seeking the right medication is important. Hormonal imbalance treatment in Hyderabad by Dr. T. Rajeshwari Reddy  is designed to counter patients’ different symptoms.

Thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome are the most commonest issues related to hormonal imbalance in women

Causes of Hormonal Imbalance-

There are different causes behind the hormonal imbalance. Some of the common causes are-

  • Unhealthy life style
  • Obesity
  • Irregular sleeing habits
  • Pituitary tumours
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Stress
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Perimenopausal age.

Treatment is offered after complete analysis of the present condition. A comprehensive care treatment is planned along with nutritionist, endocrinologist, dermatologist and a yoga trainer.