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Why Should You See a Gynaecologist?

Ans: You should see a gynecologist if you experience symptoms like unusually heavy bleeding from the uterus or pelvic, vulva, or vaginal pain. If there are no symptoms, you should still have a screening visit with a gynecologist once a year. Among the common disorders that gynecologists treat are menstruation, menopause, fertility, and pregnancy.

Who is the Best Gynaecologist in Hyderabad?

Ans: If you are looking for a gynecologist doctor in Hyderabad, Dr. Rajeshwari Reddy is the one who carries expertise in female reproductive care. Dr. Rajeshwari Reddy is the best person to go if you're looking for a trustworthy and skilled gynecologist.

What qualities should you check in a good gynecologist?

Ans: The following traits should be considered while choosing a gynecologist: accessibility, assurance, knowledge, experience, and affordability. Word of mouth and referrals from friends or family can help.


Her patients and first-time mothers consider Dr. T. Rajeshwari for her hands-on approach to patient care, thorough attention to detail, and approachability. Check out what patients say about her-
Dipa Singh

Dr. Rajeshwari Reddy is a wonderful person. She listens to the problems very patiently. The best part is she remembers the patient's case history and gives the best treatment.

Sweta Maji

I am thankful to have Dr. Rajeshwari Reddy as my gynae throughout the pregnancy and delivery. She guided us well on our every concern, keeping us confident throughout the journey.

Anisha Singh

Dr. Rajeshwari Reddy's dedication to her patients is commendable. She was always available on the phone whenever I needed her support. Having such dedicated and selfless doctors in today's world is a blessing.

Susmita Kumari

She is a perfect blend of a good human being and a doctor. She is humble, polite, and capable, which keeps her patients at ease.