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We are a Professional Obstetrics team In Hyderabad - Helping women Bring New Life into the world safely and painlessly.

We believe that every woman’s body is designed to have a normal delivery hence we promote normal delivery, painless delivery and VBAC- vaginal delivery after cesarean.

Being able to bring a new life into the world is nature’s gift to a woman. women are privileged to be mothers. The experience of being pregnant is very exciting but also comes with a lot of anxious moments for any woman. Most women say that the  whole process of carrying and delivering a baby is extremely overwhelming which makes it important to choose an experienced and caring doctor who will be with the mother all through her journey to make it a good and pleasant experience. Dr. T. Rajeshwari Reddy, one of the leading obstetrician in Hyderabad helps pregnant women throughout the pregnancy period.

A woman undergoes more than a hundred changes physically, mentally and emotionally from the time of conception to delivery. We therefore believe that it’s not just about taking care of the pregnant women but also of the entire family in terms of educating them about these changes and helping them cope up with the requirements of a pregnant woman.

Get The Best Treatment By our obstetricians team led by Dr. T. Rajeshwari Reddy at Rainbow hospital Nanakramguda in Hyderabad.

At every antenatal visit we educate on what to expect in the next few weeks, tests to be done, diet, exercises and sleeping position to be adopted. We also counsel for postural care and physical exercises to be done. We promote general well being and fitness with minimal medication. We give more importance to being physically active all day and eat local, seasonal and home cooked food. We counsel our patients and encourage them for normal delivery with the option of painless labor.

We have well experienced labor room nurses and a dedicated team of doctors attending to the patient round the clock. Our motto of care during pregnancy and delivery is to be as close to nature as possible. We engage lactation experts to guide all mothers for breastfeeding.

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Dr. T. Rajeshwari Reddy and her team is known to be giving excellent all round comprehensive care for pregnant women earning a good reputation over the years of being a doctor with passion and compassion which makes her a most sought-after gynecologist in hyderabad!