Breast cancer screening Hyderabad

A normal and healthy woman never thinks that she has breast cancer – she never ever has a thought process that gives any clue regarding this. If you evaluate such a woman through a systemic process of evaluation to know or detect any hidden or underlying cancer – then it is known as cancer screening. If it is specifically done to detect breast cancer in asymptomatic and healthy-looking woman, then it is known as breast cancer screening. For instance, if a woman, by chance, have found that there is something wrong with her breast – may be a very slight change in the morphology or skin of the breast or appearance of some patch on breast skin – she goes to a gynaecologist for clinical breast examination. If the gynaecologist suspects something abnormal with the woman’s breast then she will recommend some tests and the prominent among those tests is a mammogram. This test can also be done in healthy-looking asymptomatic women to screen breast cancer. This is a life-saving screening test for early detection of breast cancer, but the irony is that a majority of women neglect breast cancer screening.
Many of us don’t know why women neglect breast cancer screening
…Let us find out?

The first reason is negligence in matters pertaining to health is a common problem in India. This is one major reason that shows why a majority of women neglect breast cancer screening Hyderabad.
The second reason is this: All women have an ingrained notion that they are healthy, energetic and active – breast cancer cannot even touch them. In this case, breast cancer is just null and void to them. Those who are talking about it in front of them should shut their mouth.
The third reason: Lack of awareness about breast cancer. More than 90% of women lack proper understanding and knowledge about breast cancer. Once you don’t know about any disease – you simply become carefree or fearless.
The fourth reason: Many women believe that they don’t have any symptoms why should they go for screening.
The fifth reason: Majority of women neither have any idea about breast self-examination nor they seem to do it as a part of their routine breast health check-up. If they don’t look and turn to their breast, they don’t have any idea about what is happening slowly or what changes are taking place slowly in their breast. They just forget their breasts – where is the matter of screening? Not at all.
The Sixth reason is this: Many women know how to do breast self-examination – but fail to discuss the outcome of their breast self-check-up with their specialist doctor or gynaecologist. They simply check their breasts, think that everything is alright and forget about discussing it with their doctor.
The seventh reason is this: As long as women feel that they don’t have any symptoms whatsoever – they think that there is no need to go for either breast self-examination or clinical breast examination by a specialist doctor.
The eight reason is this: Many women think like this: “I don’t have any symptoms at all then why should I go for a breast health check-up or breast cancer screening.”
The Ninth Reason: Some women consider themselves to be risk-free as they don’t have any risk factors including obesity, family history and personal history. That’s why they don’t even pay heed to what others say to them about breast cancer screening.
The Tenth Reason – The fear of being detected with an abnormality. This is how a typical woman thinks – “Why should I go for screening and trouble myself – I am alright and healthy,” Rather than being patiently awaiting any negative outcome, it’s better to completely avert such anxiety-bound negative outcome and remain as calmly as I always used to.” “It is better not to subject myself to such an undue consequence – therefore, I would not go for breast cancer screening Hyderabad.”
Bottom Line
I request all women, irrespective of their ages, to be proactive, fearless and confident in matters pertaining to their health. If you know that you have nearly about 70% chance of preventing any type of gynaecological cancer – you must do every possible effort from your end to ensure that you would prevent cancer by trying out whatever means who have at your disposal. We doctors make you aware of those means to prevent and fight cancer. If you are ready, let us know we will help you in your endeavour by all sort of means we have at our disposal.
Prior to concluding my discussion here, I just would like to have your attention on this – There is a recent shift in the breast cancer incidences towards younger age women (age between 25 to 40 years). We have been regularly witnessing nearly about 24 to 25% of new breast cancer cases in this age group of women. This is another matter of concern (very appalling in fact) for all of us.
Breast Cancer Screening Hyderabad is a Saviour for Women
Even if a woman is asymptomatic – cancer can be detected in the early stage – through screening. When the cancer is small it is easy to remove by lumpectomy (removal of the lump). Therefore, screening ensures early-stage detection of breast cancer, conservation of breast and prompt treatment. Thus, breast cancer screening is a saviour for women.